Our People

Lawrence Piano
Director & Senior Speech Scientist

  • 20+ years working in speech recognition.
  • Has concentrated on developing IVR (interactive voice recognition) systems for call center automation.
  • Wrote the grammars for the first large-vocabulary call center recognition system in the UK in 2000.
  • Founded Abacii in 2012.
  • Has delivered 50+ speech system projects for Abacii’s clients.
  • Experienced in bringing projects to a successful, timely completion with a positive ROI (return on investment).
  • Studied Electrical Engineering at the U.S. Naval Academy (B.Sc. 1972-1976), Computer Science at Villanova University (M.Sc. 1983-1985), and Computer Speech and Language Processing / Computational Linguistics at the University of Cambridge (M.Phil. 1993-1994).
  • Before founding Abacii, he worked as a Speech and Natural Language Consultant for SRI Consulting (1996-1999) and AtomicTangerine (1999-2001), then as a Senior Speech Scientist for Edify (2001-2005), Intervoice (2005-2009), and Convergys (2009-2012).

StJohn Piano
Transcription Project Manager

  • Joined Abacii in 2015.
  • Has managed 7 transcription projects, totalling 250,000+ transcriptions. The transcribed speech data is used to test the accuracy of speech recognition systems.
  • Hires and trains transcribers.
  • Has written software scripts to perform proofreading, spellchecking, and statistical selection for QA (quality assurance) testing on transcription projects.
  • Has learned the development and tuning of IVR systems under Lawrence Piano.
  • Studied Electronic Engineering at Durham University (M.Eng. 2008-2012).
  • Before joining Abacii, he worked as a Research Engineer at Jali (2014-2015).